vrijdag 4 januari 2013

Cash only at the Vatican -problem soon to be solved?

Uit de Washington Post:

The Corriere della Sera newspaper reported that the Italian central bank took the action because the Holy See has not yet fully complied with European Union safeguards against money laundering. That means Italian banks are not authorized to operate within the Vatican, which is in the process of improving its mechanisms to combat laundering.

The Vatican says it is scrambling to solve the problem for thousands of visitors who flock to its very popular Vatican Museums, which include highlights like the Sistine Chapel. The Holy See had no immediate comment on the Bank of Italy’s reported reasons.

Volgens pater Lombardi is het probleem "spoedig" opgelost, zie link. In Nederland zou een dergelijk probleem met bancair toezicht vermoedelijk niet "spoedig" kunnen worden opgelost. We zullen zien.