zondag 18 november 2012

Theoretisch toetsingskader van episcopaal handelen

Bisschop-elect Charles Scicluna in interview AP News:

"Church law provides for bishops to be punished for negligence, and in the past year Benedict has forcibly removed a handful of bishops for mismanagement and doctrinal dissent in a hint that he may be more willing than ever to get rid of problem bishops. The issue is theologically problematic, though, because bishops are considered by divine right to be the stewards of their dioceses.

"The rules are there but they need to be applied" when it comes to disciplining bishops who botch abuse cases, Scicluna said. "People make mistakes. They need to repent and change their ways. But if they are not able to repent and change their ways, they should not be bishops."

Ervan uitgaand dat Sinterklaas van gemiddeld moreel gehalte is, is sinds gisteren het gemiddeld moreel episcopaal gehalte in Nederland gestegen .. en dien hier gerust maar weer een tuchtklacht over in!