zaterdag 3 maart 2012

"Nunneries turned hoteliers subject to the same levies as the hotel next door"

Degelijk artikel in Time:
"In truth, however, the proposed law would do very little to change the existing legal situation. While the current legislation is muddled in many ways, one thing is clear: religious organizations have been required to pay taxes on property used for commercial purposes since at least 2005, when the country's high court issued a ruling to that effect. The problem is that with the law currently on the books, it's not always clear what is and what isn't a commercial property. Monti's proposal doesn't upend the status quo — it merely reinforces it, cleaning up the legislative language and eliminating gray areas. "It's not a new law," says Marco Tarquinio, the editor of Avvenire, a daily newspaper owned by the Catholics Bishop's Conference. "It's a clarification of law that already existed."

"Under Monti's proposal, the Catholic Church would continue to be required to pay taxes on property it uses for profitable activity. The nunneries turned hoteliers would be subject to the same levies as the hotel next door. In cases where the use is mixed — a building containing, say, a chapel, a floor where nuns live and a couple of floors with rooms on offer to tourists — only the part dedicated to commercial activity would be subject to the tax. Buildings dedicated for religious use or that house nonprofit activities, such as schools, hospitals and homes for the elderly, would remain exempt".

Naschrift: ook in Nederland proberen kloosters met een hotel onder de OZB uit te komen, zie de link en raad de orde.