zaterdag 18 februari 2012

RKKnipsel: "Vatican curia very disorganized and of very low quality"

Van timecom:

"His horizon was the world," says Magister. "He lived for travelling. Of the roman curia he didn't care much about." Meanwhile, local bishops facing plummeting numbers in the ranks of priests began withholding their best men for themselves. "Bertone has found himself to be the number one of a Vatican curia that's very disorganized and of very low quality," says Magister. "And he hasn't been able to put it in order."

In this view, the leaks are in part attacks on Bertone's administration, but also the manifestation of behind-the-scenes maneuvering, driven by internal rivalries and the beginnings of the inevitable battle for succession. "You've got lots of groups, clans, small and medium, that in the confusion are fighting with each other," says Magister".
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