zondag 26 februari 2012

RKKnipsel: "Turning a blind eye to the personal failings of people"

John Allen analyseert verder over de bestuurskwaliteit ten Vaticane casu qu het gebrek daaraan en verbindt dat met de vraag van de pontificale successie:

"Facing what is, alas, merely the latest implosion in the last six years, the mushrooming "Vatileaks" scandal, one has to ask: What went wrong? (The latest chapter of that saga came Wednesday when Italian TV aired an anonymous interview with an alleged mole who claimed to be one of at least 20 insiders leaking documents.)

It's become commonplace to say that Benedict XVI sees himself as a teaching pope, not a governor, and that's obviously true. Still, Benedict actually has engineered a sort of limited reform inside the Vatican, and for those with eyes to see, it marks a real break with the past. Not so long ago, it was taken for granted that the following was just what Vatican heavyweights do, to some extent reflecting traditional Italian assumptions about men of state:
- Using positions of power to reward allies and block enemies, thereby building a network of patronage and influence.
-Moving money around without much of a paper trail, steering contracts and resources to one's friends and supporters.
- Turning a blind eye to the personal failings of people perceived as loyal to the church, the pope or influential figures in the hierarchy.
- Clandestine involvement in worldly politics and finance, justified as a way of advancing the interests of the church. 

Slowly, Benedict XVI has tried to move people who embody a more transparent and less nakedly ambitious way of doing business into key positions. The question is, Has this gradual reform hit a brick wall? If it's dying the death of a thousand cuts, as some believe, what's the next step -- to go back, or to move forward to a more aggressive phase?" 

Geconstateerd kan worden dat JPII geen interesse had voor de ambtenarij en BXVI ondanks jarenlange ervaring niet bij machte de curie in de greep te krijgen en te saneren. John Allen werpt vervolgens de vraag op, of een paus van Amerikaanse huize daar verbetering in zou kunnen brengen. Dat is mijns inziens niet op voorhand te bepalen. De bezem zou door de organisatie moeten zoals dat nu door het overige Italiaanse bestuursklimaat gebeurt. Verder lijkt periodieke functiebeoordeling en vertrek van incompetenten en/of onbetrouwbaren niet alleen in de Vaticaanse curie maar ook in het mondiale episcopaat geboden. Wie zou er echter dan nog overblijven?