donderdag 9 februari 2012

RKKnipsel: houdbaarheidsdatum Bertone verstrijkt

Met dank aan een oplettende lezer hierbij ook een link naar een recent artikel vanSandro Magister waaruit blijkt dat diens einde inmiddels steeds dichter bij komt, althans in de gedocumenteerde visie van deze vaticanist. De volgelingen van Don Bosco hebben kennelijk niet alleen in Nederland een bijzondere visie op de gehoorzaamheid. Volgens dit artikel bracht Bertone zonder pauselijke toestemming een bod van EURO 250 mio uit op een insolvent ziekenhuis in Milaan waar het met de leer van  de RKK niet zo nauw werd genomen.

"Even some who were extremely close to him are no longer his followers. Malacalza is infuriated over what he considers an about-face to his detriment. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, the banker whom Bertone himself wanted as head of the IOR, after his initial openness put up a wall against the purchase of the San Raffaele, fully espousing the pope's reservations.

On the administrative and financial side, power is being reconfigured at the Vatican. And the expert and taciturn Cardinal Attilio Nicora is the new star, in his capacity as president of the Financial Information Authority created in the curia one month ago to permit the admission of the Vatican to the "white list" of states with the highest standards of correctness and transparency in their operations.

Last November at the Vatican there was a visit from seven inspectors of Moneyval, the international body that monitors measures against money laundering. And the exam imposed even more restrictive modifications on the Vatican laws, which Cardinal Nicora introduced immediately, but have not yet been made public. These include the ability for the FIA not only to inspect every operation of any institution connected to the Holy See, including the IOR and the governorate, but also to punish each individual violation with fines of up to two million euro.

Bertone did everything he could to have the pope appoint as head of the FIA not Nicora, but one of his allies, one of the very few who have remained close to him, Professor Giovanni Maria Flick. Even this did not work out for him. His trajectory is at an end".