zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Meer Feria IV-meetings!

Van Inside the Vatican:

"Benedict XVI wants Vatican dicasteries to work in a more coordinated manner. For this reason he has arranged a meeting with Prefects of the Vatican Congregations and Presidents of the Pontifical Councils tomorrow. As the Catholic website Korazym revealed: “The suggested method, is that used in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when Joseph Ratzinger was at its helm.

This method used was a very collegial one, that involved staff from the dicastery, consultants and participants in the Feria IV meeting. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, will mention this in tomorrow’s meeting on the theme “Elaboration, publication and reception of Holy See documents”. According to Korazym, “the cardinals’ report has already been sent to the dicasteries, so that they can prepare for the exchange of ideas.”

There are 14 long pages of specifications made according to the law of the Church and practical advice indicating the need for the Curia to redefine itself.” “Bertone - Korazym writes - is not claiming power. He is asking for dialogue between the dicasteries, for collegiality. He is reminding people of how the structure of the Church works. He is reminding everyone of their responsibilities.”

He launches arrows at those who oppose him. And finally, he reflects on the reception of Vatican documents, a question which is very dear to Benedict XVI and which should not be addressed in a simplistic way; because what at first sight appears to some to have little relevance, is in fact very important to more immediate recipients".

In het bedrijfsleven begin je op maandagochtend vroeg met overleg, in de kerkelijke wereld aan het einde van de week. (Feria IV is donderdag!). Op vrijdagochtend vergadert de staf van het bisdom en daarna gaan we in onze vrijetijdskleding gauw naar huis. De werkweek zit erop.  Waar zou dat toch aan liggen? Gebrek aan prestatiemeting?