vrijdag 27 januari 2012

John Allen: Bertone is een omgekeerde alchemist die goud in lood verandert

Uit NCR:

"Most Vatican-watchers believe the answer lies in Bertone, whom everyone admires as a sincere and affable guy, but who's also been a decidedly mixed bag as an administrator. In this case, insiders say Bertone was persuaded that ViganĂ² was disruptive, and thus fell back on the classic Vatican logic of "promoting to remove" without adequate consideration of how that move would look.

At a bare minimum, Bertone had to know since October that ViganĂ²'s correspondence with the pope, which was widely alluded to at the time, amounted to a ticking time-bomb. That no steps were taken to get ahead of the story thus represents yet another chapter in the checkered PR record of the last six years. 

In the Middle Ages, alchemists sought to turn lead into gold. Some of Benedict's aides actually seem to have a genius for turning potential public relations gold, in this case Benedict's impressive financial reforms, into lead.

Some observers have suggested that when Bertone turns 78 in December, Benedict XVI might finally be persuaded to accept his resignation. Frankly, that seems unlikely, given the strong personal bond between the two men. Perhaps, however, the pope might consider beefing up the role of other personnel with proven administrative chops under, and alongside, the secretary of state".

Uit eigen ervaring is mij bekend dat kardinaal Bertone niet in staat is een tikkende tijdbom te onderkennen. Daar komt hij nog wel achter.