maandag 8 augustus 2011

RKKnipsel: "Attack on the confessional"

"These days, confession – and especially the sacramental seal that imposes total secrecy on the priest – is under attack. In Ireland, a law has been proposed that would force priests to infringe upon the secrecy of confession if someone confesses to the crime of pedophilia. In Australia, the federal government was advised to follow the example of that far-away island, and force priests to report those who confess sexual sins against minors. The initiative comes from Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. “There is no contest when it comes to protecting the innocence of a child or maintaining a religious practice,’” he stated. “Why should someone be absolved of their sins when it comes to child abuse because they've received a pat on the back from their priest?”

Source: Vaticaan Insider