woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Campagne UK: "Eerst de hypotheek!"

"Thousands of homeowners are to be warned by taxpayer-owned banks to forget renewing their subscription to Sky TV or buying a new BlackBerry and instead focus on paying their mortgage.

More than 30,000 Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock customers will receive phone calls over the next few months from UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) warning them about the possibility of them of losing their homes.

UKAR runs the £80bn of mortgages bailed out by the taxpayer and is identifying customers who could get into trouble in an attempt to persuade them to change their behaviour.

Chief executive Richard Banks told the Yorkshire Post: "Some people won't cope when interest rates rise, but for others there are remedies.

"They need to think about what is their most important debt. It's not the credit card, or renewing their Sky subscription, or going out for the latest mobile technology, it's their mortgage. They have been protected by low interest rates, but the consensus is that rates will start to rise late next year."

Bron: The Press Association