donderdag 5 mei 2011

"Last known combat veteran of the First World War, died"

"Claude Stanley Choules, the last known combat veteran of the First World War, died Thursday in Perth, Western Australia, his family said.

The British-born Mr. Choules, who spent more than 40 years in the Royal Navy in England and Australia, was 110. His family was told of his death early Thursday morning, said Malcolm Edinger, his grandson". 

"Mr. Choules lied about his age to join the navy at 14 in 1915. He followed two older brothers who served in the Gallipoli campaign, where a force of Allied soldiers—many from Australia—attempted to seize control of the Dardanelles strait from Turkish troops of the Ottoman Empire.

"There was definitely no glory in it from his point of view," Mr. Edinger said. "He firmly believed that war was a pure waste of time, resources and human life."

Mr. Choules became the war's last known surviving combatant after the death of American Frank Buckles in February, according to the Order of the First World War, a U.S.-based group that tracks veterans".

Zie Wallstreet Journal